Valentines Day With Your Plumber

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This Valentines Day, you may have some romantic plans. Perhaps you’ll take your significant other out to dinner, or make a romantic meal at home. Maybe you’re going on a first date, and excited about what it could lead to!

It starts with a date on Valentine’s Day, next thing you know, you’re introducing them to your family, then you’re moving in together! Hold the phone! Moving in?!

That means sharing everything in your home- even the plumbing! Have you considered the extra strain on your pipes now that there will be two people using the shower, sinks, and toilet, instead of one?

Valentines Day With Your Plumber

How Your Love Life Affects Your Plumbing

Assuming that your partner is a human, they will probably need to use your toilet from time to time once they move in.

You can’t exactly refuse them that, so your toilet is just going to have to accept that it will be used twice as often, and will be flushing twice as much waste and toilet paper.

More usage means that your toilet will now be more likely to experience issues like clogging. Having an extra person using your bathroom also increases the chances of an accident that may crack your toilet bowl or tank lid. Your toilet isn’t the only area of your plumbing that will be affected by your decision to move in with your significant other, however.

Drain filled with hair What’s More Romantic Than a Shower Clog?

That’s right! It is also assumed that your new “roomie” will take showers on a regular basis.

Not only does that mean that your monthly water usage will go up, but it also means that your shower will now be experiencing twice as much.

These include shampoo and conditioner, soap bits, and even particles of dry skin that you may not even notice get washed away in the bathtub.

This creates more strain on your shower plumbing and, as with your toilet, it increases the chances that your shower drain will clog.

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Our Professional Plumbers Will Always be True to You

Now, we in no way want to discourage you from going out on that Valentine’s date, but after learning all of this information, are you may be thinking twice about where this date could lead?

Just make sure that you and your significant other are on the same page about the importance of plumbing maintenance.

And wherever this relationship ends up going, remember that Justice Plumbing will always be here for you for all your plumbing needs, even if that means helping you make sure your plumbing can support one (or maybe two, in a few years?) more people using it.

Whatever your Valentine’s plans this year, we hope you enjoy them. From all of us at Justice Plumbing – have a safe and happy Valentines Day with the ones you love. Remember, if you really love someone you want the best for them.

This means sharing the best plumbing tips with them! If you have loved one, who could benefit from the information in this article, share the link with them today. You never know, it could make all the difference to their Valentines Day plans!