10 Things to Consider When Deciding to Go DIY or Pro for Plumbing Tasks

plumber works under a sink cabinet

Many homeowners love to complete DIY projects. After all, it’s rewarding to finish a challenging task on your own. That said, sometimes a do-it-yourself attitude winds up getting hobbyists into trouble—especially when your home’s pipes are involved. Here’s what you should consider when deciding whether to go it alone or hire a professional for plumbing tasks.  

Being Prepared Isn’t Always Enough

Whether you have a full toolbox of plumbing tools or are queuing up DIY videos to follow, being prepared is essential. That said, it’s not always enough.

  • Sometimes projects can get challenging, turning a DIY into a disaster.
  • You’ll need basic tools—like a tape measure—before you can get started.
  • More elaborateequipment may also be necessary.

Projects May Get Complicated, Fast

Some plumbing repairs are easy to fix, or at least they appear so. But many dangers exist when it comes to hot water or wastewater flowing through pipes.

Plumbing Problems Often Evolve

Pipes are one thing—soggy carpet, rotten floorboards, and electrical issues are another story. Know that plumbing problems often involve other home structures, and that means higher risk.

Even if you’re a homeowner who thrives on maintaining a DIY must-do list, plumbing may not make the cut. While unclogging a toilet or insulating pipes can be straightforward, other fixes aren’t as easy. Consider whether you need a plumber before you start cutting pipes and removing fixtures.

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