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The 4 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems (and how to avoid them)

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The need for plumbing system help seems to increase when summer rolls around. And this makes sense, as water usage increases as the outdoor temperatures climb higher. But summertime should be filled with days of fun in the sun, not ankle deep in sewer back-flow. Here are some of the most common summer problems homeowners run into and how to prepare for them.

The 4 most common types of summer plumbing problems

You may have experienced plumbing trouble in the form of frozen or burst water pipes after the treacherous North Texas freeze back in February, However, warmer weather can also lead to issues for your home’s plumbing. This is no surprise, since your plumbing system is likely to go through extra wear and tear to support out-of-town guests, kids out of school for the summer, hard-working sprinkler systems and more. Keep an eye out for the following summer plumbing problems:

  1. Clogged toilets: Between the increase in toilet use and non-flushable items getting flushed, don’t be surprised if your toilets act up. If you’re hosting out-of-town guests or your kids’ friends are coming over more often this summer, don’t hesitate to put a “do and don’t flush” note in the bathroom.
  2. Slow moving drains: Outdoor summer fun can track dirt, sand and pebbles into your showers. This debris washes off bodies and clothes, blocking drains and causing clogs.
  3. Jammed garbage disposal: Backyard barbecues call for bone-in meats, fat, fruits and other edibles that, when rinsed down the kitchen sink, can jam up the garbage disposal. Wipe plates into the trash can before rinsing with water.
  4. Sprinkler issues: Walking over the grass and mowing more in the summer can result in sprinkler head damage. Before every mowing session, check that your sprinkler system components are in good shape.

Be prepared for summer plumbing needs

Your home’s plumbing is bound to work overtime during the summer season. Unfortunately, things like extra shower and washer use and leaving the plumbing untouched while on vacation can take a toll on the system. Here are some summertime maintenance tips:

  • Check the water heater: Because you probably don’t use the hot water as much in the summer, it’s the perfect time for a water heater inspection. Technicians are busier during the winter season, so schedule a checkup now.
  • Inspect hoses and valves: Pipes can definitely leak and flood a house in hot weather. The biggest summertime challenges? Worn or damaged hoses and connections. Have your plumber conduct an inspection sometime this summer.
  • Prepare for vacations: Plumbing leaks and floods do happen when the system is not in use, like when you are away on vacation. Before leaving, turn off your system at the main water shutoff.
  • Check the water pressure: The water pressure affects every plumbing fixture in your home, and everything stays pressurized when you leave on vacation. You can check the pressure yourself or hire a plumber to do it for you.

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