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5 Plumbing Tasks to Do Before Renting Out Your Property

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You can make a great profit on your real estate investment if you rent out your property. But as a landlord, you’re responsible for ensuring all plumbing in the home is sound and safe for your renters and you’ll be responsible for all future plumbing repairs as well.

Have the following five plumbing tasks done by a professional plumber before you rent out your home to limit plumbing issues with renters now and in the future.

1. Service the Water Heater

The sediment that’s naturally present in drinking water — including iron and calcium — ends up in your water heater tank as buildup. Over time, the buildup breaks off and comes loose in the water heater’s tank, finding its way into your home’s hot water supply.

Not only does sediment-riddled water create a dirty water supply, but the debris in your water tank also negatively affects your appliances’ longevity. Before renting out your home, have your plumber drain and fill your water heater tank. This task should be done once a year and preserves the quality of your renter’s drinking water and ensures a better-functioning water heater as well.

2. Service the Drains

Even if the drains in the home work properly, have them serviced and cleaned prior to renting out your property. Food debris, hair products, and hair get clogged in drains. Don’t use harsh chemicals bought at the store damages because these can damage pipes and lead to future clogging issues.

Your plumber will inspect and clear drains for you so your tub and sinks are ready for tenant use. As a general rule, have your home’s drains serviced every few years or as instructed by your plumbing specialist.

3. Service the Pipes

Corrosion existing in your home’s metal pipes leads to sediment in your home’s water supply. Corroded pipes also leak and crack and should be replaced prior to renting out your home. Have your plumber use a lighted snake to check your home’s existing plumbing and make repairs on dated or mismatched plumbing fixtures.

4. Service the Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures include sink handles, shower heads, drain plugs, toilets, and other plumbing-related fixtures. Dripping faucets, leaks under sinks, and running toilets are among the most common rental repairs landlords tend to.

Have small repairs done now to mitigate these fixture problems. These repairs will make your renters feel comfortable in their rented home and give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing all you can to make the property sound with its plumbing.

Part of serving fixtures means replacing dated plumbing appliances. For example, if your home’s toilet is older or clogs easily, then you should replace it. Choose a water-saving toilet that uses fewer gallons per flush as a replacement; your plumber will select and install the right toilet for your home.

Updated plumbing fixtures — such as shower heads — give you the added benefit of making your home appear more modern and appealing to potential tenants.

5. Service Your Septic Tank

Many newer homes have a sewer system connected to a septic tank. This septic tank should be inspected and drained periodically to prevent overflow in the drainfield. If you aren’t sure if your home has a septic tank or an alternate sewer system, your plumber can assist you. Your sewer system should be inspected as instructed by your plumber based on household size and how large the sewer system is.

You want your future tenants to live comfortably in your rental home while not having to worry about potentially expensive and invasive plumbing repairs. Our plumbing specialists at Justice Plumbing will address all your home’s sewer and plumbing needs. Visit our Contact Page or call (817) 318-7932 to schedule an appointment for servicing today.