Kohler Smart Home Water Monitoring h2wise

Kohler’s H2Wise Powered by Phyn products monitor an entire home’s water consumption.

Kohler  has teamed up with Phyn to offer two co-branded products: The DIY-oriented H2Wise, and the professionally installed H2Wise+ whole-home water monitoring and leak prevention system powered by Phyn. Both can learn the unique pressure signature of each faucet, sink, shower, and appliance, so can track when water use is from one of those or if it’s from a leak somewhere. You NEED this for your smart home! The @Kohler H2Wise is a DIY water management and leak detection system that measures water pressure 240 times per second to notify you of any changes. H2Wise+ takes it to the next level by giving you remote shut off of the main water line.


Kohler’s new H2Wise+ powered by phyn

Source: Kohler


The H2Wise+ offers consumption analysis, freeze and leak-detection warnings, but because the H2Wise+ is designed for pro-installation, a professional such as Justice Plumbing installs it on your home’s main incoming water supply so it can also shut the water off in an emergency—after it detects an uncontrolled leak or if freezing conditions are detected. That means it can turn off the water supply should a leak be identified, either automatically or via the app once the homeowner gets a warning notification. This product is based on the second-generation Phyn Plus.

Kohler’s new H2Wise powered by phyn

Source: Kohler


H2Wise, meanwhile, is intended for DIY installation under a home’s sink, and lacks the auto shut-off feature. Both can also give a pre-freeze warning should ice crystals be forming. In addition to emergency monitoring, the app can also highlight things like which appliances are the biggest water-hogs, and give data on average water consumption. The AI powering it, Kohler says, can even take into account repeat behaviors unique to each household: if you tend to run the faucet just a trickle every day at the same time, to refill the cat’s water bowl, over time the H2Wise system will learn to distinguish that from a slow leak.

Both devices measure water pressure in the line several hundred times per second to a smartphone app. They also report the water’s temperature and, when faucets are open, the water’s flow rate (in gallons per minute). Both devices require an AC outlet in proximity to their installation location, which can be problematic if your main water line is outside your home (the smart valve is fully weatherized).

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